Shelter, Lodge & Youth Camping Reservations


Onondaga County Parks features twenty shelters/picnic areas and three lodges/banquet facilities, available to reserve for your next special event. In addition, we offer youth group camping facilities (cabins and tenting sites) at Highland Forest.

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Check Availability
To check on the availability of a shelter, lodge or youth group camping site click on the Facility Calendar link on the left or top of this page. You do not need to have an account to view the calendar. You can narrow down your search by picking a specific week, day, park or shelter by using the Calendar Filters at the upper right hand corner of the Facility Calendar page. Please keep in mind we only allow one group/reservation per site, per day...for example, if you see a group has already reserved a site for 4pm-8pm, you cannot reserve it for 10am-2pm on the same day. (Arrowhead Lodge customers: If you are requesting a date less than 30 days ahead, all reservations are subject to superintendent approval.)

Request a Date
Once you are on the Facility Calendar page and you want to submit a request for a date, click on Reserve a Facility, once on this page choose Login or New Account, if you created an account before 11/30/12, you will need to create a new account, your old account information will not work.  After you have submitted a date request you will receive an email from our office indicating an approval or rejection. If your request was approved you will receive an invoice via email with payment instructions. If your request was rejected the email you receive will provide an explanation.

Payment Information
Full payment is due within 7 days of your invoice date.
Visa, Mastercard, American Express & Discover are accepted online. To pay online log into your account and choose the Balances tab. Credit Card payments are also accepted over the phone or you may mail your check to the address on your invoice. Please note: Your reservation is not final until full payment is received. Once payment is received you will receive an email with your permit contract. If you reserved a date at Jamesville Beach or Oneida Shores Park during beach season your permit contract and your beach passes will be sent via regular mail.

For Shelters, Camp Brockway, Youth Camping or general website/login questions - call (315) 451-6249, Monday - Friday, 8:30-11:30am or 12:30-4:30pm

For Skyline Lodge at Highland Forest - call (315) 677-3303

For Arrowhead Lodge at Oneida Shores - call (315) 676-7366

Please note: We do not offer course registrations at this time.


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